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Looking for the accommodation in comfortable hotel?

We are located in an ecologically clean area of Moscow near the underground station "Vernadsky avenue" and airport "Vnukovo". Our hotel combines all conditions for business, relaxing and comfortable stay in the city.
We have comfortable rooms, good service and low prices. The range of services includes restaurant, parking lot, laundry room and conference hall.

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The history of the founding of Hotel “The Comet” started in 60’s. Period of socialism rise. The hotel was intended to make living place for MIA employees.
According to archive data Hotel “Armenia” located at the address: Moscow, Pushkinskaya str., 10, was transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of USSR on January 17, 1969. It was the moment when MIA Hotel founded.
In the early 80’s began construction of the building of the hotel “The Comet”. In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR on June 6, 1986 №115 it was put into operation.
Over the years The establishment repeatedly changed its name.
Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR HOZU on December 7, 1990 № 92 hotel HOZU Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR introduced in the union of the hotel industry, catering and trade HOZU Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR;
Order of the PHU Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR on April 6, 1992, №19 the union of the hotel industry and catering trade HOZU Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR abolished, created an independent enterprise hotel “The Comet” of the PHU Interior Ministry of Russia;
Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on September 10, 1998 PHU Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs was reorganized into the Ministry of Interior Russia HOZU.


Conference hall

We offer conference halls, located in our hotel. This place is perfect for seminars, conferences, presentations and meetings.


All our rooms have been designed to ensure maximum comfort during your business or leisure trip. Each room has a private and comfortable working area, a private bathroom and everything you need.


There is a first class restaurant on the ground floor, where you can find wide selection of food. Cozy atmosphere that promotes successful business negotiations.

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New site


Thanks to for new site.

Alexandra Ustinova


I liked hotel location, I really got to airport for thirty minutes. I lived in good one room apartment, there was good service and cheap price. There was all what I need, include toilet things. Hotel is very big, but…

Aleksandr Panov


Room is pretty comfortable. I liked crisp white linen, everyday cleaning and everyday-new-towels. There is a climate control. While in Moscow in those days was cold, the room was quite warm, my roommate turned on air conditioning heat after I…

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